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[Japan] Rice Bran White Sesame Soybean 150g

[Japan] Rice Bran White Sesame Soybean 150g

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Rice bran powder and white sesame are blended with carefully roasted roasted soybean flour. You can easily consume rice bran rich in vitamin B1 and dietary fiber, and it also features a mellow flavor.

Rice bran white sesame soybean flour is Hokkaido soybean flour + rice bran + white sesame seeds. Because rice bran is rich in y-oryzanol and phytic acid, it can effectively improve gastrointestinal function and many sub-health symptoms caused by poor rest habits, as well as skin allergies and other symptoms.

Take adequate scoop and mix with 70° lukewarm water in the morning and once in the evening everyday。
It can also be paired with milk / toast / yogurt / ice cream or double skin milk.
Best served with:
Yogurt or Ice cream

Raw Materials
Soybeans (produced in Hokkaido), rice bran (produced in Japan), white sesame (produced in North, Central and South America)

Product of Japan

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