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[Japan] Japan Turmeric 100g (250mg X 400tablets)

[Japan] Japan Turmeric 100g (250mg X 400tablets)

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Turmeric Efficacy :

1. Promote bile secretion and improve liver disease to protect your liver
2. Enhance gastric secretion and protect digestive organs
3. Cardiovascular protection Curcumin is a very effective antioxidant (about 10 times more effective than vitamin E)
4. Reduce cholesterol in the body, prevent hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis Sterilization, anti-inflammatory
5. Calcium and potassium are especially effective for anemia

Turmeric is also one of Japanese's favorite health foods. Okinawa, Japan is the home of longevity in the world. Turmeric consumption is considered to be one of the main reasons for the longevity of Okinawa people. Turmeric produced in Okinawa is also regarded as "the Imperial Ryukyu Dynasty". 

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