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[Japan] Enzyme Jelly 70g (10g X 7sticks)

[Japan] Enzyme Jelly 70g (10g X 7sticks)

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[Japan] Enzyme Jelly

This enzyme jelly comes from Japan and contains more than 200 kinds of vegetables and fruits which help the body absorb the missing vitamins and minerals. There are no additive added. Helps to promote regulation, metabolism and nutrient digestion, also improve our body physically and mentally. It also has the effect of detoxifying and slimming, clearing the gastrointestinal tract, enhancing detoxification. And also have the function of purifying blood, helping to break down excess cholesterol and fat in the blood, purifying blood vessels and promoting circulation. Contains rich antioxidants to delay aging. Helps to improve the acidic bod, resulted in better body's resistance.

How to use it:

Eat one tube per day, before or after meal.
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