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[Japan] Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (1.5g X 30packs)

[Japan] Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (1.5g X 30packs)

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Japan Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (1.5g X 30packs)
Expiry: 2-3 years

Our anchan tea contain natural antioxidants, is purely hand picked, use Japan most advance technology to dry up, no extra additive added. Rich in anthocyanis for more than ten times compare to average plant. Helps to improve eye sight, night blindness, retinopathy, capillary fragility. Also can prevent cataract and glaucoma. Promote the growth of collagen in our skin and contain high amount of vitamin A, C and E.

How to use it:
Warm water or cold water blunt (no hot water as hot water will destroy the nutrition inside), add lemon, mint leaves or honey according to your own preferences.

Storage method:
Keep in room temperature, avoid sunlight

Made in Japan
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