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[Japan] Black Sesame Almond Kinako Soybean 150g

[Japan] Black Sesame Almond Kinako Soybean 150g

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Black sesame and almonds are blended with carefully selected open-fire roasted soybean flour, and it is the most popular product of “Karada Kinako” where you can easily ingest black sesame sesamin and almond vitamin E.

Almonds are rich in vitamin B2, also known as beauty vitamins. It helps keep skin and hair beautiful and helps prevent rough skin and acne. In addition, the antioxidant effects of oleic acid and vitamin E also play an anti-aging role. Protects the skin from skin stress caused by UV rays, etc, prevents spots and wrinkles.

Take adequate scoop and mix with 70° lukewarm water in the morning and once in the evening everyday。
It can also be paired with milk / toast / yogurt / ice cream or double skin milk.
Best served with:
Yogurt or Ice cream

Raw Materials
Soybeans (produced in Hokkaido), black sesame (produced in Myanmar), almonds (produced in the United States)

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