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[Japan] Barley Young Matcha 🍵 90g (3g X 30packs)

[Japan] Barley Young Matcha 🍵 90g (3g X 30packs)

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Barley Young Leave with Matcha

Made in Japan

Our barley leaves are derived from Japan and are made from organic barley germ, Kyushu olives, and Okinawa small bitter gourd. Rich in vitamins, chlorophyll, is the king of alkaline food, zero additive added, no pigment. Barley leaves have a variety of nutrients. There are more than 200 kinds of nutrients. Barley seedlings are the most abundant and balanced plants in the world with a single resource. It have all supplement of what the body needs. Contains more than 20 proteolytic enzymes. Helps the absorption of protein in the stomach. Long-term drinking can reduce sugar in the body. Reduces fat in the blood and improves acidic body.

How to consume it:
Daily one or two packs with 45℃ warm water before meals, can also be added into yogurt.

Storage method:
Store in room temperature place, avoid sunlight
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